NPO Symphony and Parakaro Corporation Present: Kumamoto Castle Reborn

Symphony will shortly start a worldwide donation campaign called "Kumamoto Castle Reborn", aimed at the reconstruction of Kumamoto Castle. The campaign will be fronted by NPO Symphony with full cooperation and support from Parakaro.

As we mentioned previously, we have have successfully opened a bank account under the name of ‘Kumamoto Castle Reborn’. Since opening the account, we have been looking into various donation methods so as to allow you to donate simply, quickly and without hassle.
At present, we are evaluating the worldwide availability and administrative fees of a number of donation portals.
Once we have selected an appropriate vehicle, you will be able to donate from our website. For the meantime, we appreciate your patience in this matter.

Moreover, we are in the process of translating out mission statement into various languages. We hope to be in aposition to upload our mission statement in Japanese, English, Chinese and a number of other languages in the very near future.

Meanwhile, a number of people have indicated that they want to donate immediately.
It would be senseless for us to turn down such generosity.
Therefore, please find below the account details for our donation campaign.

Bank name: The Higo Bank, Ltd.
Branch name: Kokaibashi Branch, 8-31 Yakuencho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Branch number: 154
Account type: Savings account
Account number: 2062032
Purpose: Donation (In some countries, writing 'donation' will result in a higher amount of tax being charged. In such countries, we recommend writing 'condolence money' here.)

Please note that any donation may be subject to bank administration fees. We recommend subtracting the fees from your donation.

In the meantime, we are working on selecting the most appropriate donation method.
Once we have selected an appropriate method, bank administration fees may be reduced or even eliminated.

Posted on 9 May. 2016

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